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This is one that was shown to me by a good friend of mine who is now sadly over oceans. Released on the Japanese record Label Major Force in about 1988 I think. Its a … Read More

Some of the things i’ve been listening to…

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These are little mixes i made on Mixcloud. I hope you guys like them http://www.mixcloud.com/max-giles/

Black Blood

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Black Blood

I’ve always had a lot of Love for music that carries a strong message. Whether it be the music of the Black Panther movement fighting for equality or the harmonic hymns sung by many a … Read More

James Trousers/Under- Garments

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james pants

See back where I’m from ‘pants’ means underwear, boxers, briefs and all that jazz, but over here it means trousers, jeans and all that jazz. So where are you coming from James Pants? You are … Read More

Them Flowers Is Blooming

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This is a track from an incredible soul and blues compilation by Numero Records called Boddie Recording Company [Numero 035]. It is full of tracks that I had never heard before, and some of the … Read More

Tuff’s Tough

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King Tuff is a little bloody ripper. I’ve been listening to this and steadily been enjoying it more and more with each listen. Its got a definite Jay Retard vibe to it just with more … Read More


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Been spinning this one for a while now. I don’t know much about it really apart from that its an old Studio One number.